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Augmented Reality is incomparable to any other technology in its ability to adapt to customer needs. This has attracted many industries and caught the attention of various business companies. Here at AgileLan, we are one of the leading Augmented Reality game development company in all throughout the UK. We promise our clients that they will receive only high quality and best AR game development services due to our expertise and creative thinking solutions.


While augmented reality is not a new concept in technology, there are still many opportunities for development companies to capitalize on its potential. At AgileLan, we have a team of augmented reality game developers and designers who are experts in using tools like ARKit, Vuforia, ARCore, Wikitude, ARToolkit, etc. In addition to these technical skills, our team also has a creative approach to design that allows us to deliver some of the best-augmented reality game development services to our clients.

Our augmented reality game developers team believes that the only way to impact the global audience deeply is to create innovative and creative solutions and deliver them effortlessly through our best-augmented reality game development solutions.

To ensure that our research and development tasks are completed on time, and competitively, we follow certain guidelines and procedures. This effectively works as fuel for our team. When the technology stack and expertise match with the above mentioned flavours, time and dedication, we at AgileLan make our way to one of the best augmented reality game development companies in the UK and worldwide. Although we believe that simply earning a badge isn’t the end-all-be-all, we also understand the importance of maintaining our position in such a cutthroat market.

Therefore, providing only top-tier services and client satisfaction will always remain our top priority. With that said, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your idea or requirements so that we can develop an unparalleled solution for you. 

Here at AgileLan, sharing knowledge is something we strongly value.

Device friendly AR game development solutions

Initiate AR Game Development for Multiple Platforms

It can be hard to tell which device your users will want to play your AR mobile game on, but we can help you design a game that works for multiple platforms.






Android Phone


Android Tablet

Our Expertise

What Our Augmented Reality Game Developers Build

AR gaming is constantly in flux, with developers always striving to one-up the competition. While many companies are vying for attention in this market, AgileLan has separated itself as a premier developer of AR games that are more captivating and realistic than ever before.

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Geolocation Games

Geolocation-based AR games have always been a source of fantasy and excitement for people. With our services, you can create a game that combines the best of both worlds - reality and virtuality.

AR FPS Games

With our AR game development services, you can build a first-person shooter game that will amaze your players with its realistic virtual world.

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Quest allows your players to take their game questing in the real world, fighting virtual assassins and monsters along the way.

AR Shooting Games

Make your shooting game app more engaging by adding augmented reality features, and let users enjoy the best of both worlds – virtual adventures in a real-world setting.

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Sport AR Games

Traditional mobile games don't allow you to experience the entire game, but with Sports AR games, you get a new experience of being on the field.

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Turn Based AR Games

The majority of people prefer 2-player games. By giving them a better experience with turn-based AR games, you can expand your market and tap into a new era of mobile gaming.

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AR Table Games

With AR table games, you can interact and engage with your target audience like never before by playing classic favorites or modern hits.

AR Card Games

Look no further than card games if you're looking for a fun and engaging way to pass the time. Whether it's Teen Patti, Rummy, or any other game, augmented reality card games will surely provide your users with an unparalleled experience.

Why Choose Us

Traits that Make us Best Augmented Reality Game Development Company of the UK

There are many AR game development service providers, but we would like to share with you the characteristics that make us stand out from the rest.


Dedicated Experienced Professionals

At AgileLan, we assign a team of professional AR game developers to your project who will be solely responsible for completing your task and assisting you in meeting set milestones.


Keeping You Updated

Since we're one of the UK's leading Augmented Reality game development companies, we ensure that you stay updated on your AR mobile game's progress in real-time.


Innovatively Creative

At AgileLan, We think it is essential to be innovative and creative with every augmented reality mobile game development project that we take on if we want to succeed in the AR game development market.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our company's success comes from always making sure our clients are happy. We won't consider a project done until the client is completely satisfied, and that means going above and beyond at every stage of development.

Do you have a Mission? Vision? Mission? Vision? We have a TEAM to get you there.

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