Our CRM software development is designed to improve your sales and manage customer relationships more efficiently. Our custom CRM software services help you manage a large number of customers by providing valuable insights through requirements analysis, buying behavior identification and other metrics. This allows you to upsell in a timely manner.


Best in class CRM Software Solutions

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With CRM software solutions designed especially for you, create relationships with customers that are valuable to both of you. By integrating new and innovative CRM software solutions into your day-to-day business dealings, save time and money spent on trying to gain and keep customers.

A CRM development company can help you drive business growth through profitable customer service and relationship management. Choose a strategic imperative option that serves as a viable way to extend automation for your customer relationships. Adopt a data-driven CRM software solution making way for intelligent reporting and analytics that helps take data-backed decisions. Choosing CRM software solutions is a modern way to manage customers in order to build a stronger future business opportunity. This will allow you to integrate multiple customer touchpoints, which adds up and creates loyalty- ultimately leading to higher satisfaction levels and longer term partnerships.

AgileLan CRM developers are skilled in designing a CMS that is adaptable to both small businesses and large corporations. The key to a successful CRM lies in utilizing the best customer-facing resources available to aid in planning, analysis, development, and deployment of targeted sales and marketing activities.

CRM for Customers-First Philosophy

Why CRM for Your Business

Creating a unique customer experience by integrating your marketing, sales and service departments. Put your customers first with CRM software services.


Choosing Personalized Marketing

By utilizing custom CRM solutions, you can not only segment your market more efficiently but also personalize each marketing campaign to specific customers. You can track user activity on your landing page and responses to offers, tailoring the content served and increasing the value proposition for prospective customers.


Enabling Targeted Sales

CRM software service enables sales teams to manage their sales pipeline more effectively with features like custom role permissions, sales analytics, and hierarchical management. With tailored dashboards for upselling and achieving offline/online territorial targets, your sales team will be empowered to close more deals and hit their quota.


Custom Service Management

Monitor service level agreements and scope-driven performances closely to ensure timely customer service. Custom CRM software development makes it easy to manage Automated Call Distribution/call (AMC/Call) based management for intelligent automated service allocation using an ACA. Also, this involves allocating resources proactively to customers for after-sales interactions.


Integrating other SaaS Solutions

You can always integrate CRM software solutions with your current system, no matter its architecture. By using existing IT infrastructure effectively and incorporating a CRM solution into your supply chain and customer service departments, you can create smooth, efficient business operation across all departments.


Automated Billing Process

With our CRM software, you can manage vendor and customer bills with ease, Obtain insights to help you develop an optimal marketing and sales strategy based on cost per acquisition and retention, and customize the CRM features to fit both your internal and external needs.


Enable Online Customer Tracking

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to be one step ahead of your customers’ needs. By implementing a custom CRM development solution, online customer tracking becomes possible and each client can be catered to personally. Offer the best possible client solution by tracking the entire cycle from delivery to service needs in real-time with a comprehensive feature set CRM.

Comprehensive Feature Set CRM

The best way to reduce costs and increase sales is to develop custom CRM software that focuses on customer satisfaction.

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CRM Consultancy

At AgileLan, we not only develop CRMs, but also advise small- and large-scale businesses on how to use this technology for their company's growth. Our CRM consultants will evaluate your business's needs and maximize existing technology to create a custom solution that works best for you.

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CRM Mobile Application

CRM mobile apps are beneficial because you can access your work from anywhere. With live dashboards and easy to understand data, CRM makes decision making simpler and faster than before. Furthermore, it results in timely operational changes and—as a result— improves customer satisfaction rates.

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CRM Customization

Create a personalized CRM experience by customizing your software at every stage. Design the metrics that matter most to your business goals, and invest in custom CRM software development based on available resources. This will help you stay ahead of the competition by improving conversion rates.

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CRM Integration

By integrating your CRM, you can connect the dots both within and outside of dedicated departments. With a centralized portal for sharing multiple details like customer contact info, SLAs, bills and other important variables, you can create a dynamic customer information center that is easy to manage and maintain.

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CRM Development Solutions

Instead of taking months, our core CRM development solutions only takes weeks to implement. They're easy to integrate with your other solutions and just as simple to learn and adapt too. If you have existing CRM software that isn't meeting your current needs, we can modify it so that it does-- making it future proof in the process.

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CRM Implementation

Our CRM implementation process is easy and effortless for your business. Our team takes data migration and module rollout into consideration to make sure each phase of the process is successful. We assign dedicated, experienced staff members to executive roles to ensure a smooth overall experience.

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CRM Migration Solutions

Here at our company, we prioritize zero data loss and maintaining utmost data integrity. In addition, our CRM software services support efficient end-to-end CRM migration solutions that begin with a high level brief and forecasting any possible gaps in the data to make sure every stage of the process is decluttered and speedy.

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CRM Support & Maintenance

Your data is key to business success, which is why we offer 24/7 support year-round as part of our CRM software solutions. To keep things running smoothly, timely maintenance and updates are a must – all done in consultation with you so that your business experiences little disruption during the process.

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CRM Portal Development

Our phased process for developing a CRM portal boosts productivity and cuts the cost of the portal by building it on Dynamics or another application that is easy to use. Creating an enterprise-level CRM portal improves data management, eliminates duplication, and optimizes team resources.

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Why Invest in CRM Software Development?

Why AgileLan for CRM Solutions?

Our CRM solutions team will help you understand your business needs and assess what data and resources are available to be put to use for creative and scalable CRM products.


Offering Utmost Reliability

If you're trying to improve your business, you need a reliable program. We guarantee that our data generation and security measures match industry standards so that you can fully utilize the information from our CRM system. With our deep understanding of how businesses work, we're confident in offering solutions that will help take yours to the next level.


Cost Effective CRM Solutions

Any CRM software development company's success is based on how well they minimize their resources while still making a large impact. This means that your CRM will be running at full power, and as a CRM software development company, we guarantee that your revenue will surpass the capacity of your resources.


Quality Support and Maintenance

Real-time data analysis in CRM solutions offers grouping suspects and prospects into predefined filters for quality lead generation. By utilizing multiple interactive tools, like bulk email, SMS follow-ups and other lead prospects relations software development enables to maximize leads customers ratio.


Maintaining Data Confidentiality

To ensure your data's safety, we sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning work on your project. Your company's information will be kept confidential by our CRM implementation team throughout the entire process.


Faster Implementation

The success of any custom CRM software development lies in its agility. With us, you are kept updated on the progress of each implementation sprint. We implement the functionality phase-wise to offer timely delivery without sacrificing quality.


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