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Opting for ERP application development can help bring strategic coherence to your business through resource planning and functional management. This would streamline the excessively tiring process across multiple verticals – procurement, manufacturing, sales, services, and plenty. Roping in a custom ERP software development company could help overcome business challenges with ERP software development and tower your sales while ensuring the best service to customers.


Custom ERP Application Development Services

Our experts can provide you with a customized ERP development solution to help take your business to the next level. With our customization and scalability, you can achieve business automation, systematic planning, cohesive team collaboration, and modernized processes. Stay ahead of your competition with our custom ERP software development service that provides centralized access to dynamic business information for making informed decisions.

We design our custom ERP applications to be robust and fit your specific requirements perfectly, making it easier to manage efficiency between departments and saving you money by automating and simplifying current manual procedures. Our ERP development services focus on bringing all the necessary business functions onto a single platform so that information can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

To avoid disagreements between various sources, it is important that one can quickly obtain information from many different places. Our adaptable system for ERP software development guarantees the truthfulness, dependability, and safety of essential data.

Staying a Notch Above Your Competitors

To maintain a successful business, you must constantly monitor the competition and be more efficient than them. Stay ahead of the competition by choosing an ERP software development partner that will help drive your business growth.

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Optimized Inventory Management

Upgrade inventory management with ERP integration to have more visibility and control inventory. Custom ERP software development can manage thousands of live products while improving delivery standards.

Drives Planning

Integrate ERP into your planning process to manage and understand crucial data points. This will allow department heads to efficiently manage resources, meet deadlines, and improve the overall planning process.

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Making informed choices

We're a custom ERP development company that focuses on your data requirements. We integrate multi-departmental data in order to provide accurate and timely updates. This helps key personnel make decisions based on facts rather than conjecture.

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Preparing Blueprint

The whole team brainstorms and charts a plan to prepare for departmental goal achievement. These feature list sessions serve as pre-work that sets units up for expectation-driven success through an ERP model.

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Supply Chain Efficiency

Out with the old, manual data feeding that is error-prone. Welcome, ERP software development services to attain greater precision through supply chain process automation. Our ERP dashboards and business intelligence help you simplify stock management so you can clearly understand your inventory at all times.

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Modifying an Existing System

At our company, we pride ourselves on being ERP experts. We can help you modify existing software modules to suit your business needs better and provide effortless implementation and integration across major systems. This will save you from having to go through major software renovations and the hassle of redefining your existing data structure.

Customized ERP Modules

Custom ERP Software Development Modules

Integrate various ERP modules at the departmental level for a seamless experience. Opt for custom ERP implementation that is intra-departmental and applied at individual levels. This will ensure improved forecasting and higher transparency for making beneficial business decisions and achieving quality organizational benchmarks.

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Sales & Marketing

Delivering quality products on time will help increase sales. Targeted marketing that reaches the right people can also lead to higher conversions. To achieve this, consider using a holistic approach incorporating multiple marketing channels and focused departments.

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Right Purchasing

The track sticks in real-time and gets notifications for changes to make more profitable purchase decisions. ERP software development helps procurement departments procure materials and manage raw materials purchasing with enabled quotation requests and analysis.

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Bettering QA Management

ERP Quality Assurance facilitates the standardization of procedures from top to bottom. It validates production schedules, inventory tracking, delivery management, and billing processes. ERP provides a mechanism to check the status and stats of production runs which helps ensure smooth operations right from procurement to delivery while maintaining standards throughout the process.

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Streamlining Finance and Accounting

Create real-time ledger entries and share them with enabled TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) and currency management. Get hold of your cash flow by managing purchase orders to sales invoices, as well as creating P&L statements all in one place so you can stay updated with your finance's real-time status.

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Automating HR & Payroll

By automating various employee management tasks like payroll, hiring, and departmental expenses through ERP application development, you can more easily monitor employee performance and react to HR issues before they become problems.

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Production Planning

With our ERP software implementation, you will be able to manage your production pipeline with real-time access to material procurement and production planning. You'll also have access to process definition by forecasting in machine handling and maintenance issues, as well as ensuring efficient capacity utilization.

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Fostering Production Line

ERP implementation on the production line creates better business communication and automates daily production processes for timely order fulfillment. Developing an ERP application optimizes project and cost management modules to enable reliable and impactful production planning.

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Timely Maintenance

Receive live updates on crucial inventory performance metrics, and use ERP implementation to fine-tune current stock levels. Adequate supply management and forecasting in machine maintenance ensures prompt deliveries to customers. By partnering with an ERP software development company, you can ensure the timely valuation of inventories using methods such as LIFO or FIFO.

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Effortless Administration

ERP software development RPA(Robotic Process Automation)update execution for you to gain insights while keeping an eye on the latest updates. It makes data retrieving easy and generating reports within minutes reduces administrative hiccups with automated email alerts and timely personal management updates.

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Why AgileLan for ERP Application and Software Development?

To maintain a successful business, you must constantly monitor the competition and be more efficient than them. Stay ahead of the competition by choosing an ERP software development partner that will help drive your business growth.

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Improved Reporting

Transform your current reporting system with an ERP upgrade for improved data management and analysis capabilities. With better tools at your disposal, you'll be able to make sound decisions that meet all of your business needs.

Efficient Customer Service & Data Security

Use ERP software development to give client-facing staff updated and accurate data. Convert after-sales services into upselling opportunities based on recent client requests. Our service provides top-tier data security so your business can operate without worry.

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Process Standardization

Successful custom ERP development enables multiple departments to standardize their processes and work more efficiently. By setting benchmarks, ERP software development ensures those standards are met consistently to improve your work rate and quality.

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Streamlining Process

Make your business run more smoothly by uniting all functions into one ERP platform. Our development service will help you manage data efficiently and carry out processes across departments with ease.

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User-Friendly ERP Solutions

Our ERP software development company provides easy learning modules for all teams. With quality video support, you can monitor multiple processes in real time with our user-friendly interface. Business intelligence is integrated into daily use so that you can make the best decisions for your business.


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