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At AgileLan, we benefit from the services of passionate gamers, game enthusiasts, and artists who love turning game ideas into sheer entertainment on various devices. So our customers always ignore the half-hearted critics! Does your mind have any great gaming ideas?

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Chartbuster Mobile Game Development Company

Mobile games apps continue to grow in popularity every year, and in 2016 alone UK gamers spent £4.33 billion on them. If you want a piece of that pie, AgileLan is the company for you. We are one of the UK’s leading mobile game development companies, using Standard Industrial Classification codes to create high quality, engaging, and rewarding games apps. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and our collaborative approach to game development is second to none.

We specialize in developing beautiful games for all digital platforms using Unity game engine development tools & technologies. This includes smartphones, tablets, desktops, and game consoles.

We have 500+ satisfied clients who continually witness financial success and brand augmentation. This is possible because our games cater to a wide audience present on many devices, genres, industries, and business niches. Consequently, this enables our clients to gain the most advantages from their dream game ideas and investment.

AgileLan creates engaging and addictive games that will help you achieve your ROI goals.

Services We Offer

Our Player-centric Mobile Game Development Services

Our expertise in designing games for a variety of genres and programming them for different platforms wins us the loyalty of dedicated mobile gamers. In turn, this helps our clients win tons of downloads and generate significant revenue from their games through various monetization models.

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iOS Game Development

Our expertise with iPhone & iPad SDKs and comprehensive knowledge of device & OS features allows us to deliver unrivaled game experiences on these platforms. Our tried-and-true development methodologies result in quick approvals from the App Store.

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Android Game Development

At our company, we make games for Android that are so engaging, you can't put them down. We know how to use all the different features and tools on Android devices, from smartphones to tablets. Plus, we design our games so that they work great on any type of Android device someone might have. And quick game adoption is always a goal for us.

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2D/3D Game Development

Our team is experienced in Unity platform and various game development frameworks like Cocoa Touch and Cocos2d. This allows us to create stunning graphics for game UI, background, and 2D/2D animations that provide realistic game experiences.

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AR Game Development

Our developers have years of experience in cutting-edge augmented reality technologies, which puts us in a great position to create fun and immersive AR games. Pokemon Go has been a game changer in the industry, and we are committed to continuing that trend.

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VR Game Development

At VR Game Development, we understand the massive hike in demand for virtual reality games. That's why we're dedicated to developing innovative and exciting VR games that are feature-rich and highly interactive. Our games work with devices like goggles or headsets, delivering a truly immersive gaming experience.


Mac Game Development

Apple is renowned for their focus on quality and user experience, so we at AgileLan takes pride in our ability to create first-rate Mac games. By capitalizing on the potential of OS X features that often go untapped, we're able to deliver smooth gameplay experiences tailored to Apple technologies, tools, and devices.

Why Choose Us

Why AgilElan is Best Mobile Game Development Company?

Smart clients always compare their options before decide which game app developer to establish a long-term relationship with. Our various differentiators are very appealing to game entrepreneurs and businesses, and they often come to us for our expertise and experiences.

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Successful Monetization

We strike a balance between winning over clients and keeping them playing our game by using an effective monetization strategy.

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Performance-oriented Games

We aim to prevent distractions, such as slack, crashing, and errors, before they happen during the game development process.

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Best Publishing Partner

We partner with publishers to deploy games that are both engaging and rewarding.

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High-end Programming

Our experience with native coding and Unity like frameworks allows our mobile game developers to create code that is innovative and ahead of its time.

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Alluring & Engaging Game Design

Rocky game titles are designed to be visually captivating and addictive for gamers.

Do you have a Mission? Vision? Mission? Vision? We have a TEAM to get you there.

The Gaming Portfolio

Glims of Our Creative Mobile Game Development Work

AgileLan started as a mobile game development company, before soon becoming one of the top digital agencies. Above are some examples of the successful mobile games we developed. Perhaps your game could be our next success story?

What Our Clients Say

This is What We Live For

Not only have our web and mobile app development abilities given organizations a competitive advantage, but they’ve also helped committed customers overcome challenges. However, don’t take *our* word for it! Instead, listen to what some of *our clients* think about the services we provided them.

Our Work took Us

Our Developed Apps Have Been Featured In

We’re a proud mobile app development company, having produced apps that have reached the leaderboards and favourite lists of popular product forums, thriving social communities and app stores.

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