Start Up MVP Development

While ideas are easy to come by, it’s much harder to turn them into a new revenue stream for your business that can be easily scaled. That’s where AgileLan comes in. Our MVP app development process will help you validate an idea, test its market potential and create a rough model that can be quickly scaled. 

Our MVP development services for startups are designed to help your ideas get off the ground and improve them until they are perfect. We want your business to succeed, so we will do everything we can to ensure it reaches its full potential. 

With our help, you’ll be able to present your idea in the best light possible to investors or customers and have a head start on turning it into a million-dollar business.


What We Offers

Start Small, Scale Fast with Our MVP Development Services

With MVP app development, you test your idea for market potential before investing any resources. This way, you can ensure you’re addressing the right questions and ensuring that your product is needed instead of simply focusing on whether or not it can be built. Ultimately, the answers to these questions help shape a vision for the final product by determining what features it should have and who its users will be. Additionally, you’ll learn about their pain points.

As an experienced MVP development company, we know exactly which tools and features will help your product succeed. We’ll work with you to ensure that your users are thrilled with the finished product and set up models for engagement or monetization that will provide a new stream of income for your business.

Our MVP app development process is unrivaled because we help you validate your idea early on. We do this by conducting market studies and user research so that only the best product comes out in the end.). Furthermore, our MVP developers have a wide range of cross-platform development and business logic knowledge. As such, they will be able to get your MVP ready for testing within 2 weeks or less. 

Using our MVP development services will enable your business to save time and money that would be otherwise required for developing a full-scale product. We prioritize our customers, which is why we’ll ensure that your product is built with the right features for the right purpose and launched at the most opportune moment.

With MVP development, you can test your idea before going to market. This will help ensure that your concept has a higher chance of succeeding. Our MVP development can help guide you in the right direction so that you don’t waste time and resources on an unviable product.

Our offerings

Whether you’re a first-time or serial entrepreneur, our offerings for Startup MVP development will help translate your idea into a product that can be successfully scaled and marketed.


Prototype Design

By prototyping your idea, you can mentally shape and form the product before it is even created. This gives way to room for improvement and expansion upon the original design. Our team of MVP developers will create high-fidelity prototypes that interact in order to help you better understand how potential customers may react to the product.


Single Feature MVP

Our team specializes in creating MVPs that focus on a single key feature. This eliminates clutter and allows the product to grow around a central idea. We take responsibility for building your MVP so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Pilot MVP Development

Transform your MVP from a single feature product into a pilot product that can validate usability, scalability, and market feasibility. With AgileLan's product development expertise, we can help you launch the pilot MVP in as little as 3 months.

MVP Variants

MVP Development Variants That You Can Test Right Away

At AgileLan, we believe in being at the forefront of progress and innovation. We identified potential MVPs and use cases that would benefit our clients.


On-demand Taxi App

Want to build the best on-demand app in your area? We can help you get there. Our all-inclusive solution comes with a taxi Operator app, iOS / Android booking, and driver apps—perfect for working with 40+ services, from delivery to the ambulance.


On-demand Food Delivery

An on-demand food delivery app that will connect customers, restaurants, and delivery professionals need to be built. The MVP should include loyalty schemes and location-based restaurants.


Instant Messaging

Before delving too deeply into creating your instant messaging app, get to know how your end users will interact with it by creating a basic MVP. This should include functions for real-time chat, voice calling, video calling, etc.


On-demand Car Wash

An MVP demonstrating how users can find the best on-demand car washes nearby that are also integrated with map APIs for real-time navigation, online booking, and digital wallet payment.


Health and Fitness App

With this app, you can become the UBER of the fitness industry by allowing users to book gyms, take personal trainer appointments, or even chat with dietitians. Features to find recipes, workout plans, etc., are also available.


Social Media App

There's always room for new social media networks. All it takes is a great concept or idea. We can help you bring your vision to life by building an MVP of a social media app that does more than just connect people.


Media and Entertainment app

Media streaming is the new up-and-coming trend. Although, developing a media and entertainment application from nothing can be quite costly. A well-designed MVP of the said app would help you understand which direction to pursue your project.


Finance App

Can an app predict stock movements? Or analyze and inform credit scores? How about an app that handpicks the best insurance plans for you? Have an idea that needs to be put to the test? We can develop an MVP for your finance-related app.


Real Estate App

Finding a place to live, whether you're searching for a house or looking for tenants to fill your property, is difficult. There are many processes and factors involved in both tasks. To lighten the burden somewhat, consider using a real estate mobile application. This app can help connect people with houses as well as vice versa. You can test this idea by first building its MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Do you have a Mission? Vision? Mission? Vision? We have a TEAM to get you there.

MVP Benefits

Benefits of MVP Development

We are the top MVP development company because we get your product to market quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you research the market and feasibility of your idea and prove your assumptions with a limited budget. In addition, we fix the right product type, feature sets, and deployment model that will take your prototype to a scalable product.

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Validate business idea

Before starting product development, ask the right questions to validate the business idea. Such as: should this product be developed at all? How can it be developed? Who will it benefit?

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Plan long-term

In order to ensure a successful product beyond the MVP stage, it is important to know in advance what technical challenges need to be addressed. By doing this, you will set your product up for long-term success.

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Win first-adopter confidence

Present the MVP to your investors or first-adopters to win confidence, secure funding or to kickstart a crowdsourcing campaign.

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Scale rapidly

Going from scratch till any capacity you want is easier with AgileLan. You will have the same MVP development team serving you until the end.

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Save time

Save time and money by getting started with a lean working model of the product before fleshing out the entire software, UI, design and user experience.

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Test market feasibility

By developing an MVP first, you can get a better handle on the market size, your competition, your product's unique selling points, and any challenges you may face down the road. This helps determine if taking your product to market is viable overall.

6 sprints for MVP development

Our Proven MVP Development Process is Smart, Lean, & Agile

Our process for developing MVPs starts with understanding the original idea and all the steps necessary to transform it into a product that can compete in the marketplace.

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Stakeholder Workshop

We want to get the best product out there--that's why we bring together the thinkers and doers. Our process always starts with sitting down with those who came up with initial ideas so that we can understand where they're coming from. We run several brainstorming sessions, SWOT analysis, and competitor analysis to determine what will work best.

Technical Analysis

Considering what platform to build your product on? Wonder about the technical challenges and possibilities that come with it? Want to use accelerators to quicken development time? Our team will run a thorough analysis and give you answers to all these questions and more.

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Before taking your product to market, it first needs validation from key stakeholders, users, and potential investors. This can't be accomplished with simply an idea; you need a design mockup with working features and use cases that interested parties can investigate. That's where AgileLan comes in: we specialize in helping our clients build prototypes that are sure to capture their attention.

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MVP Release (Beta Launch)

Once the MVP is built, its beta version has to be released to the world to seek feedback. We assist in releasing the MVP in selected destinations like marketplaces, product communities, and startup forums and so on.

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Testing as per milestones

In order to create a successful MVP, it must go through various stages of testing in order to eliminate any errors or inconsistencies. This is done through regression and pen tests to ensure that the MVP meets all expectations and requirements.

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Functional Specification

A functional specification sheet is a document that outlines various prototype feedback, technology options, use cases, and more until the prototyping stage. It's similar to a Bill of Materials in manufacturing which lists all required materials. The functional specification document creates a roadmap that the development team can follow to ensure that the MVP is developed as planned.

Why Choose Us

What Makes AgilElan the Prominent MVP Development Company?

If you’re looking to save time and money in the future, MVP development is for you.

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Test before launch

Test your product idea before launch to ensure it is headed in the right direction.

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Deploy on production server

By deploying the app on a production server, we can more accurately simulate how users will interact with the app in real life.

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Launch on marketplaces

We help clients by launching their MVP or pivot projects straight into marketplaces and product communities.

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Continuous improvement

The first version of the MVP will be improved through continual updates and additions.


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