CMS Solutions

CMS Solutions

Give your organization the Content Management System development it needs to grow. With this system, you can create, edit, collaborate on, archive, and even publish content all in one place. Custom CMS development lets multiple departments work together smoothly according to each department’s specific requirements.

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Choosing an ideal CMS Development Services

In today’s market, content is king. An effective CMS web development service will help you manage your content effectively and drive business growth. A progressive CMS web development service includes features that are designed to benefit your business. The content team strives to capitalize on a brand’s performance, and it is only possible by having the right information at the right time and quantity.

The most effective way to achieve this is by approaching a content management company that specializes in custom development. This team of programmers will have the experience and skills required to tailor a solution specific to your requirements. For faster turnaround time and quick implementation, consider leveraging open-source CMS solutions.

Regardless of the framework–whether it be WordPress, Drupal, JOOMLA, or any other–we’re also experienced in enterprise content management. CMS development services provide customization every step of the way with full control to manage, update, add, remove, or even change content depending on the content strategy.

Why settle for just one CMS when you could have the best of all worlds by integrating multiple CMS features into a single user-friendly solution?

CMS for Simplicity

Why Chose CMS Solutions for Business

At its core, CMS allows businesses to manage multiple users with different permission levels simultaneously. This makes it easy for businesses to control a specific area or piece of content that is personalized for each user. Additionally, CMS also help give websites their own unique identity while remaining flexible in terms of the content they can offer.

Comprehensive Feature-set

Custom CMS Development Solutions

We create custom CMS platforms that are perfect for your needs, whether it’s a web or mobile app. Our quality delivery standards ensure that your content is presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

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Professionals in Our Team

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Our Process

How we Work

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01 Discover

Requirement gathering
Timeline planning

02 UI/UX Design

Wireframe Designing
Brand styling & preset creation

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03 Prototypes

Low-fidelity prototyping
High-Fidelity prototyping
Applying design thinking

04 Development

Technology selection
Integrations agile development in action

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05 Quality Assurance

User test creation
Manual testing
Automation testing

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06 Deployment

Application handover
Marketplace launches
App store submissions

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07 Support & Maintenance

24/7 support
Managed services

What Our Clients Say

This is What We Live For

Our web and mobile app development expertise have helped several organizations turn critical challenges into a competitive advantage. But don’t take our word for it! Hear straight from our clients what they think and feel about our services.

Masood R. Khan Attorney; Lecturer at California State University, L.A.

We have absolutely loved working with AgilElan! They are always so prompt with their work, and it is always of excellent quality!

Mohamed El Abbouri Building the first Saudi-born e-Signature solution

AgilElan was able to design and construct our company's app despite its many unique and complicated features. They managed to deliver a solution that matched every request we had.

Abdullah Soomro Owner, CluedUpp Games

AgilElan did an awesome job translating my app to iOS, and users really liked it. The App Store reviews were positive. Their service is good quality, affordable, and the mix of local and offshore work is smart. I highly recommend them!

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