PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development

From Facebook to Wikipedia, the world’s most visited websites are built using PHP. Shouldn’t your website also be built using the same capable and universally compatible web development framework? AgileLan’s PHP development services can help you build any kind of website that has a sophisticated backend and a user-friendly frontend.


Front-running PHP Web Development Company

At AgileLan, we specialize in creating amazing web portals and applications using PHP. Our developers have years of experience in the field and offer excellent services that can help any business succeed online.

No matter what kind of website you want to create, AgileLan’s PHP development services can help you make it a reality. We can work with you to ideate and design your perfect site, launch it and get it out into the world. Whether you’re looking for an enterprise website that can handle lots of user input or an eCommerce store with hundreds or even thousands of product pages, we’re here to help.

We’ve had the honor of working with businesses of all types and sizes, from those currently setting trends to those with aspirations of completely changing the IT industry.

Our PHP development services are both affordable and long-lasting. If you’re looking for a solution that will help you reach the market quickly with websites and web applications that are also stable, bug-free, and have great UX, our PHP development services have the answer.

Our offerings

Our suite of PHP Development services

Browse our expansive catalog of PHP development services that assist companies in developing custom websites.

The many benefits of PHP

PHP web development framework has a variety of benefits that make it easy and affordable to develop websites.

Why choose PHP framework?

You can improve your web application performance by using hundreds of open-source libraries.
If you have an eCommerce website with thousands of product pages, this is the perfect solution for you!
With a PHP-Built HTTP Server, you won’t need to waste time configuring another web server like Apache or Nginx, making local development and testing a breeze.
PHP is an adaptable web development framework that works with any hosting environment, whether it be Windows, Linux, or Mac.
With our direct HTML and CSS integration, you can create interactive web pages on WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla without any extra plugins or software. Now you can easily gather user input with practicality!
Responsive display automatically adjusts to show the optimal version of the website based on the screen size and configuration of the user’s system.

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What Makes Us Best

Expertise, experience & commitment

Our passion is what drives AgileLan to help clients in reaching their goals as efficiently as possible. In order to serve that purpose, we have gathered our collective expertise, experience, and professional commitment.

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Professionals in Our Team

Do you have a Mission? Vision? Mission? Vision? We have a TEAM to get you there.

Our Process

How we Work

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01 Discover

Requirement gathering
Timeline planning

02 UI/UX Design

Wireframe Designing
Brand styling & preset creation

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03 Prototypes

Low-fidelity prototyping
High-Fidelity prototyping
Applying design thinking

04 Development

Technology selection
Integrations agile development in action

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05 Quality Assurance

User test creation
Manual testing
Automation testing

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06 Deployment

Application handover
Marketplace launches
App store submissions

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07 Support & Maintenance

24/7 support
Managed services

What Our Clients Say

This is What We Live For

Our web and mobile app development expertise have helped several organizations turn critical challenges into a competitive advantage. But don’t take our word for it! Hear straight from our clients what they think and feel about our services.

Masood R. Khan Attorney; Lecturer at California State University, L.A.

We have absolutely loved working with AgilElan! They are always so prompt with their work, and it is always of excellent quality!

Mohamed El Abbouri Building the first Saudi-born e-Signature solution

AgilElan was able to design and construct our company's app despite its many unique and complicated features. They managed to deliver a solution that matched every request we had.

Abdullah Soomro Owner, CluedUpp Games

AgilElan did an awesome job translating my app to iOS, and users really liked it. The App Store reviews were positive. Their service is good quality, affordable, and the mix of local and offshore work is smart. I highly recommend them!

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